What we do

Life Help Centre for the Handicapped (LHC) is a non – governmental organization rendering services in the field of Rehabilitation for the orthopeadically handicapped and the Intellectually Challenged Children, Young Adults and Adults in the spheres of Education, Training, Service, Employment, Health and Disaster Preparedness since 1977. The major achievements of LHC till date


This is solely intended for the intellectually differently abled children. Presently, 83 children are given special education here.

Residential Facilities

Hostel facilities are provided for all residential children and the dormitory hostel facility is provided for the physically differently abled.

Service Units

This unit gives employment to one adult handicapped individual under the charge of one orthotist. self-sufficiency and self-motivation are stressed.

Therapy Unit

Many children with intellectual disability have speech problem like stuttering, stammering, distortion etc., To overcome these problems, speech therapy is being given to improve the speech of the intellectually differently abled children.


Income Generating Programme

We run these production cum vocational unit, in order to give employment atleast to those who have completed education and training in our centre and to give employment to the adult differently abled who are not much literate, deserving and those neglected by the families and societies.


Printing Press

Mikky visual aids and toys