Eva Integrated High School

It is intended for the orthopaedically handicapped children and normal children. This school is recognized by the State Government of Tamil Nadu and children between 5-14 years are admitted in 1st – 10th standards. Apart from education, therapies like physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and play therapy are given to these children and special training in mobility with the help of aids and appliance is also provided. There are 125 children benefiting by this school.

Navapraja School

This is solely intended for the intellectually differently abled children. Children between 5-16 years are admitted who are classified into three groups according to their IQ level as Educable, Trainable and Custodial. The educable are given special education and the rest are taught basic academic skills and self help skills to make them independent. Special therapies like speech therapy, exercise & yoga therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy and hydrotherapy are also given. Presently, 83 children are given special education here.