Life Help Centre for the Handicapped, Chennai

Navapraja Special School

The Navapraja special school is exclusively proposed for the intellectually disabled children bellow the age group of 16 years. In the Early Intervention unit below 5 years children are being rehabilitated where the special educators will train them daily
living skills. This school is combined with Early Intervention Unit, Music Therapy Unit, physiotherapy Unit, Hydro Therapy
Unit, Speech Therapy Unit and Play therapy Unit. Each children admitted in Navapraja school will attend particular therapy units frequently and it will help them in developing the skills and abilities. The children are classified into three groups based on their I.Q as custodial, trainable and educable.

A Headmistress, special educators, non-teaching staff and therapists manages the activities of this school.

Pre-vocational training centre

This unit is inaugurated in the year 1987, this centre aimed to impart vocation training to the intellectually disabled adolescents in various simple trades thereby enabling them to learn certain types of work and avail employment opportunities. Through this we aim to integrate them into the mainstream of the society and to support their livelihood. Children above 16 years to 22 years are enrolled in Pre-Vocational Training Centre (PVTC).

The intellectually disabled adolescents will trained in different trades like envelope making, landscaping, horticulture, Screen Printing, Home science, Injection molding, and Artificial Flower Manufacturing. The unit is equipped with instructors, special educators, helpers and complex infrastructures. When the students fully trained in the Pre Vocational trades, they are sent to the Vocational Training Unit for a complete training and inside the Vocational Training Centre the beneficiaries will be considered as trainees.

Vocational Training Centre

Under the Vocational Training unit, this is centre is to provide employment to the intellectually challenged and physically challenged adults. the training is provided for each based on their skills and interest. The intellectually challenged adults aged between 22 to 35 years will be trained.

Infrastructure Facilities

Life Help Centre for the Handicapped is spread in its own campus of 11 acres and each units are established in separate individual buildings. And each department has well arranged furniture’s and other Electrical and necessary equipments.
For the safety and security we have given much care for each and every aspect. The fire
extinguishers are checked and replaced yearly and the electrical complaints are rectified on time. Apart from this all we are in the process of implementing a school disaster Preparedness plan in our campus.

Students Hostel

Residential care is provided to children from far off places. Two types of hostels are arranged for the children. Dormitory type residential facility provided for the orthopedically handicapped boys and girls individually. The second, cottage type hostels are exclusively for the intellectually disabled children. At present there are nine cottages accommodating 56 children. Each cottage accommodates 7 children and one caretaker. Nutritious food is being provided to the children. There are totally 103 children in the hostel. Hostel In- charge, caretakers, Attenders, cook and helpers manages the hostel.