Life Help Centre for Rural Rehabilitation & Development, Cuddalore

The Tsunami that struck the coastal areas took people into grief and they lost their belongings, houses, livelihood materials, etc. Life Help Centre synonymous to its name took immediate action towards Tsunami relief activities and worked in the coastal villages of Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. As a part of long term rehabilitation, Life Help Centre decided to establish itself in the district of Cuddalore. Initially the office was run in a rented building and since September 2007
all departments and offices has been functioning in the new campus called the Life Help Centre for Rural Rehabilitation and Development which consist of different Education, Rehabilitation, Development, Livelihood, Disaster Mitigation and Health programmes.

Life Help Nursery, Primary & High School

Life Help Nursery and Primary English Medium School was started in the year 2005 in a rented building. There were 209 children admitted from LKG to 5th Standard in the first academic year. In September 2007 the School shifted to the new campus in Mettupalayam which is strategically located in the center of the target villages facilitating the children of the Tsunami affected as well as dalit families. Now around 450 children are admitted in the classes from LKG to 10th Standard. The school offers better education with qualified teachers and facilities. Also transportation facilities are available for the children since they are from the stretch of the nearby villages. The school has a playground with all the play materials, computer and craft making classes also provided for the children.

Rathna Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

Rathna Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children was started in the year 2006 in a rented building at Cuddalore town. In the early stage the school provided training in three categories like Custodial, Educable and Trainable and almost 49 children were admitted during the first academic year. In September 2007 the school was shifted the new spacious campus. Now the school providing training and education in four categories like Primary, Secondary, Pre Vocational Training and Early Intervention. This current academic year 62 children with intellectual disabilities are admitted in the school. This school is functioning with Special Educators, Therapists and non teaching Staff. The children are being trained by the special educators in the activities of daily living skills and functional academics. The children are also provided with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Play and Music Therapy, etc. Transport facilities are being provided for the children and the children from the villages are being benefited from this school.
The Early Intervention Unit which caters to the special needs of the children in the age group of 0 to 5 years. There are 13 children in this unit and special attention on functional academics is being provided for them.


Health Care Centre

Life Help Health Centre has a tie up arrangement with Mahathma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute. Every day patients are attended by a Medical Practitioner deputed by the Institute. Now the renovation work is under Progress.

Life Help Children Village

As part of the “Education for All Programme” we have implemented a children home programme namely ‘Life Help Children Village’ and we aim to provide better education and living status for the orphan, semi orphan and destitute children of Cuddalore district.
In our Life Help Children Village we have admitted 88 children in 11 cottages. And they all are pursuing education in our institution. We provides best living status and health care in a peaceful environment and we are sure that it will help them to make their dream come true and will become a good citizen for our country. Being an orphan or a destitute is not a fault of these children so we believe that it is our duty to enhance their basic rights of life. We are sure that this can be addressed in a better way and their dreams can come in reality with everybody’s support and cooperation.