EMPLOYMENT-Income Generating Programme

We run these production cum vocational unit, in order to give employment atleast to those who have completed education and training in our centre and to give employment to the adult differently abled who are not much literate, deserving and those neglected by the families and societies.
Printing Press :

This unit was started in 1986 under the Central Social Welfare Board grant-in-aid programme. Here, about 6 handicapped adult girls who are trained in composing, printing and book-binding. An instructor and a machine operator are taking care of the unit. This printing press not only fulfills the requirement of the institution, but also gets orders from outside and runs in a self-sufficient manner.

Mikky visual aids and toys :

This unit manufactures wooden visual aids and educational toys under the trade name “Mikky Visual Aids and Toys”. These toys are of great use to special children and kindergarten children to improve their basic skills. Their light weight and soft edges make them user-friendly toys. The toys made in this unit are of international quality wood and are being exported to various countries and also sold locally to various Schools in India.Twelve handicapped adults are provided employment by this unit.