Buildings with out architectural barriers:
All the buildings of Life help centre, big and small have easy accessibility by the orthopeadically differently abled people who are confined to the mobility aids/ appliances with ramps along with steps or staircases. Walls of the buildings and toilets are provided
railings for support. Toilets are provided with commodes specially designed for the
orthopeadically differently abled.

Residential Facilities:

Hostel facilities are provided for all residential children and the dormitory hostel facility is provided for the physically differently abled where 62 children are staying. Mentally handicapped children are given cottage type accommodation where 7 children stay with a caretaker in a cottage. We have nine cottages accommodating 63 children.
Working Differently abled Ladies Hostel:
Accommodation is provided for differently abled ladies working at our centre in this hostel, which is located out side the campus at a place called Neelankarai. It has all modern amenities and is structurally modified for the comfort living of-differently abled adults.