Orthopaedic Appliances Unit :

This production cum service unit was started with a motive to provide orthopaedic appliances and later with an increasing demand from the public, this unit has been providing appliances to the needy people. Thus, meeting not only our institution inmates needs, it also meets the needs of other institutions and individuals by manufacturing calipers, clutches, artificial limbs and other appliances. This unit gives employment to one adult handicapped individual under the charge of one orthotist.

Health Centre:

Health centre provides medical care to the institution handicapped children, staff and rural people from the coastal line villages at a very nominal cost. It is facilitated with a laboratory, immunization unit, dental unit and a X-ray unit. The health centre is managed by a team of Professionals – like a general physician who visits daily, a dental surgeon who visits thrice a week, a gynecologist who visits once a week who are assisted by a lab technician and a nurse .