Therapy Unit

Speech therapy
Many children with intellectual disability have speech problem like stuttering, stammering, distortion etc., To overcome these problems, speech therapy is being given to improve the speech of the intellectually differently abled children. Many innovative methods have been implemented by the speech therapist according to the individual abilities and shortcomings and to suit the needs of each child.

Hydro Therapy
This therapy is given to orthopaedically handicapped children and intellectually differently abled children. Hydrotherapy helps to strengthen the muscles and gives flexibility to the body. An instructor looks after these children during the hydrotherapy class. Individual attention is being paid to all the children.

Physiotherapy unit is being managed by two physiotherapists. The therapy is imparted to the children as per their individual need in a well equipped unit.

Play Therapy
A playroom with indoor games and recreational facilities is available for play therapy. Their social development, fine motor and gross motor skills and physical development improve during this play therapy.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy is exclusively given for children with speech problem. At first they start vocalisation, then slowly they progress towards small rhymes of 2-4 lines of three words each. Through this, there is a marked improvement in the children with speech problem.