Pre-Vocational training Centre
Incepted in the year 1988, this centre aims to impart vocational training to the intellectually differently abled adolescents in various simple trades thereby enabling them to learn certain types of work and avail employment opportunities. Thus integrating them to main stream their life with the normal society and earn their livelihood.

The students who are above 17 years are admitted here and three years of concentrated training is given in the specific areas with the help of a special instructor/Instructress, enabling the trainees to become self-reliant and useful citizens. Presently, 53 students are trained by 11 staff members. Training is offered to the students in trades such as envelope making, carpentry, metal work, injection moulding, leather craft, tailoring, horticulture, screen printing and cotton wool packing sections respectively.

As a library is very essential for any school, our educational unit manages a well-equipped library with all informative materials in it. We have books on therapies, nutrition and dietetics, health, human development, child development, community welfare and also books on special education. The library also possess good story books, picture books, dictionaries, puzzles, audio cassettes, video cassettes and other interesting informative books for young children.
Computer Education
As we have stepped into the new millennium, it is our major need to learn computer. Based on this idea, we have started computer education in our school to give education to the physically handicapped and intellectually differently abled children. Children have equal interest like the normal individuals. All the children give good co-operation and at present one qualified instructor is incharge of the computer lab.